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Around the Mission: 10/30 Padres Links

<a href="">Pad Squad Carrie</a> models Halloween Costumes for <a href=""></a>
Pad Squad Carrie models Halloween Costumes for
  • Jed Hoyer faces big challenges, small payroll as Padres GM
    Game plan for Hoyer: Shop Adrian Gonzalez. Keep him unless the offer is overwhelming. Keep Kouzmanoff. Make Headley a super utility man. Do not deal a veteran unless you firmly believe Kyle Blanks can hit for average as well as continued power. Spend what remains in the budget to acquire a veteran pitcher who would fit well in the rotation and someone who can provide mid-level power. Good pitching plus good defense plus speed plus occasional pop makes the Padres a complete team in Petco Park.

  • Hey Padres! Do NOT deal Adrian!
    At some point, Padres ownership — whether brand new or not — must realize that the message it continues to send to its fans is that it is cheap and unwilling to do what’s necessary to foot the bill for a contending product.

  • MLB Network: TV Schedule
    7pm PST "Triumph and Tragedy" 1984 Padres

  • Masur's Musings: It's All Even...
    Andy Masur breaks down the World Series so far.