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Padres Press Conference where they fire Kevin Towers

The bearded one fires Kevin Towers
The bearded one fires Kevin Towers

The Padres are holding a press conference today at 2pm PST where they will announce Kevin Towers dismissal.  

I'll be watching on and we can comment about it right here in this open thread.


  • They had to make the decision to extend KT or make a change
  • Yesterday they told Kevin that they had made a decsion to hire a new GM
  • "We'll miss him day to day... we're going to be paying him for another year."
  • If KT becomes GM for another team than Moorad will be a big fan.
  • KT is leaving the club in a very good spot to go forward.
  • A new GM will be brought in in the next few weeks.
  • A greater focus on planning, strategy and discipline in scouting.  Looking forward to a new GM to take the lead on crafting the new strategy.
  • The new GM will make decisions on the baseball front not Moorad.
  • There is not an internal candidate at this point.
  • Moorad is thrilled that Bud Black is the manager and thinks it's extremely unlikely that he will be impacted.
  • Towers has done a terrific job molding the team this year on the fly.
  • He feels bad about the impact on Towers but feels good about the future of Padres baseball.
  • "It wasn't an easy decision"
  • They thought now was the right time because they didn't want him to be a lame duck for 2010.
  • Towers feels he should clean his office out, but Moorad wants him to keep an office in Petco Park.
  • Moorad respects Towers for remaining professional.
  • "The human side is the most difficult challenge."  Towers, Towers' mother, Moorad and Garfinkel flew to Cooperstown this year.
  • Moorad hopes they can remain friends.
  • All employee meeting on Monday at Petco Park to honor him and let him say goodbye.
  • They have interviewed three candidates and plans to interview more.