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If the Padres want to trade Adrian Gonzalez, I'm surprisingly okay with that

Personally,  I give the Padres a mandate to make this team better. If they can trade Adrian for three or four players that are going to make this team better immediately then I'm all for it.  I like watching Adrian, he's a good guy and a good baseball player, but I'd rather be watching the Padres win playoff games.

The bottom line is that I'm not emotionally attached to any of our players.  Hell, if Hoyer wants to pretend he's playing scrabble with the team and put all of his letters back in the bag and choose new ones, so be it.  If Moorad wants to fire Hoyer after two weeks and hire another new GM, make it so.  I just want the Padres to be an exciting team again, a team that wins in the post season in spectacular fashion.

Don't mistake my indifference towards the players as indifference to the Padres. Let's start winning pennants first and then we'll all pick a favorite player.