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The Plan in Action: Grady Fuson no longer allowed to work on pipelines

Here's a word of warning to you if you're slinging guns or laying pipe in and around Petco Park: Clear outta town because there's a storm coming. (Listen to this while you read the rest of this post and think of good comments).

I'll be honest with you. I never quite understood what Grady Fuson was doing here. As I said many years ago:

Grady Fuson wants to create a "draft pipeline" for the Padres. I'm pretty sure I have no idea what the heck that means. Grady Fuson needs to lay off the sauce. Seriously, what does that mean? Can I get a job as director of scouting by repackaging what teams already do and calling them fancy fake names? Hey Padres, hire me. I won't just set you up with a draft pipeline. It'll be a full-on draft aquaduct, holmes. I could so do Fuson's job.

In my imagination, this was my imaginary interview with the Grady "the Plumber" Fuson:

Grady: "I'm gonna implement a draft pipeline."

Me: "What's that?"

Grady: "Well, I'm gonna draft players I think are really good."

Me: "The other guys are drafting players they think are good, right?"

Grady: "Yeah, but they don't got a pipeline."

Me: "What constitutes your pipeline?"

Grady: "I'm gonna draft players I think are good. It's called the draft, dude."

Me: "Then why are you calling it a pipeline?"

At least now, this nagging feeling that there's been too much pipe being laid in the front office can be put to rest. We can get back to work on the rest of The Plan.