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Around the Mission: Jed Hoyer Edition

  • insidethepadres: An era begins
    Howser [Hoyer] put himself "head and shoulders" above the other GM candidates, Moorad said, by compiling a detailed analysis of the Padres baseball talent, including a breakdown of how he envisioned the front office working. He needed a binder for the treatise, which runs some 50 pages.

  • New Padres GM Jed Hoyer: 1-on-1 Interview
    619 Sports caught up with the new GM afterwards to ask about his goals in tailoring the Padres to Petco Park, the challenges of moving from the Red Sox to a mid-market team, and his plans for the current front office:

  • Friar John's Blog: Hoyer on board as Padres GM, eager to work
    Hoyer said the Padres were one of the teams he was assigned to know in and out as part of his Red Sox duties.

  • Masur's Musings: Hoyer In the Fold...
    "It's really important to dominate your home games, to do really well," Hoyer said. "One of the advantages in San Diego is you can tailor the team to the ballpark."

  • Hoyer impressed Moorad right off the bat -
    "I kept measuring other people against him and Jed was always first," continued Moorad, who said he interviewed "a couple" veteran general managers along with younger candidates along the lines of Hoyer. "This was the logical choice, without a doubt. I believe we found a person with a tremendous baseball pedigree."

  • Padres name Hoyer as new GM | News
    "The only way [to win consistently] is through scouting and player development," Hoyer said. "I want to build it from within. There's no magic formula that I learned in Boston, no 'special sauce.' It comes down to the building blocks of baseball, which are scouting and development.