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The Plan in Action: Jed Hoyer has been hired as GM

So, I'm looking over all of my Google News alerts and what not and it looks like it's a done deal. Jed Hoyer is our new General Manager. Kevin Towers is just taking up office space now.

Keep in mind, I'm not positive that he's been hired, but everybody keeps kinda saying that there are sources and what not and people be quoting each other and, since perception is reality and perspiration is nine tenths inspiration, Jed Hoyer is the GM.

I'm trying to remember now, when jbox and I got a look at the whiteboard that had The Plan on it, if Jed Hoyer's name was on there. If I'm remembering right, it came two steps after "Breakfast All The Time" and immediately after "Distract Local Fans With Lights and Pretty Music".

Wikipedia credits Hoyer with being key in getting Schilling to come over to Boston (Schilling?). Who knows what other behind the scenes things Hoyer has been meddling with? Schilling?