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DEVELOPING: Hoyer to be named new Padres GM later today is reporting the news that Jed Hoyer will be the new Padres GM and the team will announce it later today. I guess that puts to rest any hopes for Kim Ng being the new GM.

Doesn't Jed Hoyer sound like a gunslinger type of name? Moorad says it isn't, but it sure sounds like it is to me.


More Thoughts: To be perfectly honest, the Padres GMs that have ever made an impact in my head have been Jack McKeon and Kevin Towers. I remember Randy Smith for his hatchet job of the team and I don't ever really give him credit for bringing Trevor Hoffman on board.

I'm wanting to like Jed Hoyer, but is this the guy who's going to bring the Padres to the postseason like Trader Jack or the Kevin "Gunslinger" Towers? Or is this the guy who's going to Randy Smith the team for another season while we sit around in 4th and 5th place.

I can't wait for the announcement.