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Gaslamp Ball Proclamation: Tony Gwynn to only be referred to as Anthony Gwynn Jr. until his first .300 BA season

Gaslamp Ball will occasionally provide endorsements and judgments in the world of baseball and beyond. Should Gaslamp Ballers need to cast a vote or require an official opinion, look for Gaslamp Ball Proclamations first to see what our official stance is. Thank you.

It has come to our attention that there are those who refer to Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr. as "Tony Gwynn Jr." or even "Tony Gwynn" despite the fact that the real Tony Gwynn is a Hall of Fame, career .338 hitter, while Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr. is a player who looks a little bit like he's constantly leaning forward in the batters box.

Starting now, Gaslamp Ball will refuse to refer to Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr. as "Tony", until he earns the praenomen by completing a full major league season with at least a .300 batting average. Until such a feat has been accomplished, Gaslamp Ball will only refer to the current Gwynn on the Padres roster as "Anthony", "The Lesser Gwynn", or potentially "Tony Two Hundred".