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Gaslamp Ball Chat Transcript

jbox: Who do you think is the most overrated Padre?

Dex: Tony Gwynn Jr.

jbox:  I think I'd say Chris Young or Kouzmanoff, but I'll go with Chris Young.  I think people only think he's good because he's tall.  If he was a human instead of a clinical giant, he probably wouldn't always be injured and nobody would think he was a number one starter.

jbox:  Which Padre do you look at and think "man I bet that guy smells"?

Dex: Heath Bell.

jbox:  That's who I was going to say too.

Dex:  If you had a box with a button in it and told each of the Padres that they could push the button and they would get a billion dollars, but somebody they didn't know would die, who would push the button first?

jbox:  Chris Young.  When that whole PED thing was happening he was the only one talking about how it affected his paycheck.

Dex:  I think it'd be Adrian Gonzalez. We'd finally see his true colors and/or he'd consider that person a martyr as he donated the billion dollars to help needy children.

Dex:  Same question, but the button added 3 inches to the persons manhood.

Dex:  I think David Eckstein. His wife is too hot and famous for a little dude, anything to keep her around

jbox: I'd say Giles if we still consider him a Padre.