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Moorad wants a more strategic GM for the Padres, not a "gunslinger" like Towers


Union Tribune: Towers ousted as GM, Moorad seeks 'strategic approach'

"The organization is indebted to Kevin for not only the 14 years he served as general manager, but for the fact that the club is well-positioned to go forward into the future," Moorad told the Union-Tribune in an exclusive interview before Friday night's game at Petco Park. "I think we need to build a better baseball operations department, better skilled at the areas we're committed to going forward.

"I admire (Towers') skills very much and respect his relationships that exist around the game. But I think over the next period of time, our focus is on more of a strategic approach to drafting and development that has a chance to compete in the division year-in and year-out."

The article says that Moorad told Towers 3 weeks ago that the club would start a GM search and that the meeting was "emotional".

Don't worry though it's not like Towers is being kicked out:

“He's been told that he can office here, he can stay here for as long as he's comfortable being around.

I'm still having a hard time stomaching the fact that the Padres are turning into the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I think I'm going to be sick.