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Random Padres Thoughts

  • It's Ghandi's birthday today.  "You must be the change you want to see in the world."  I'm only going to wear Retro Padres gear from now on.  If you see me wearing Sand and Blue colors around, you can punch Dex in the back of the head.

  • When do the Padres release single game ticket prices?  I'm interested to hear if you can still buy the $5 Park at the Park tickets.  When Garfinkel says "We have eliminated advanced pricing and premium pricing – there is now only one individual game price."  I know that probably means that the Park at the Park tickets will probably be like $8 now.
  • I'll also be interested to hear if they bring back the 5 for $5 promotion.  I really seriously doubt it, it's too good to be true.  A boy can dream though.  The last few games I've noticed that the Food Service crew can't serve large crowds quickly.  I hope they do something to remedy that.  Are they still using all volunteer employees?  When the crowd is over 20K or so, it takes at least an inning and to get your food, too long if you ask me.
  • You can tell a lot about someone by how they throw a baseball.  No matter how much you look up to someone, if you see that they can't throw a baseball properly doesn't that affect the way you think about them?  If I was running a baseball club, I'd play catch with all my employees just to see where they stood.
  • This Dodgers / Rockies series is True Blue LA and Purple Row  reminisce about the Padres / Dodgers series from 1996.  It's funny hearing Dodger fans try and convince you that it didn't matter to them that the Dodgers were swept because both teams still made the playoffs and both were swept in the playoffs.  Oh... it mattered.  Trust me, I was in the stands for that final game of the season in Dodger Stadium and it mattered to their fans.  
  • I'll be completely honest with and say that I have not been excited about this team until probably this week.  I just hope they don't go soft in this last series, I need to have fond memories of them going into the winter break.
  • The Padres should turn the Park at the Park into a cemetery with recessed grave markings. They could probably make some pretty good money selling the plots to loyal Padres fans.  Maybe turn that empty Candy Factory next door into a mausoleum.