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Gaslamp Ball Proclamation: Gaslamp Ball officially believes that Kevin Towers should continue to be General Manager of the San Diego Padres

Gaslamp Ball will occasionally provide endorsements and judgments in the world of baseball and beyond. Should Gaslamp Ballers need to cast a vote or require an official opinion, look for Gaslamp Ball Proclamations first to see what our official stance is. Thank you.

After thinking about all of the special times that GM Kevin Towers has had with the Padres, Gaslamp Ball has come to the conclusion that he should remain in employ with the team not only for next season, but the season after and into perpetuity. While he remains of this Earth, no decision should ever be made in regards to the Padres' player personnel without first consulting Mr. Towers.

Should Kevin Towers, at a later date, become obviously unfit for the position of General Manager, we'll probably have to stage a coup.