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Around the MIssion: 10/19 Padres Links

  • Moorad: More GM interviews possible -
    "The process is near-complete, but we may interview one more candidate. Either way, we would like to make a decision before the World Series."

  • PADRES: Farm system appears improved
    "I think it's improved," said Baseball America editor Jim Callis. "They're in the middle of the pack, but there's always 29 teams that think we've ranked their farm system too low. It changes month to month. I think they're on the upswing, but you will see guys come up and get a chance to play on a team that isn't good."

  • American Chronicle | Padres' Thatcher Comes Off Best Season Ever; Eyes 2010
    "Once you get on a roll like that, you get more confidence every time you get out there. I couldn't ask for a better second half than I had."

  • Masur's Musings: Real-LEE good...
    I was very surprised that Randy Wolf was booed as he was in being introduced before tonight's game in Philadelphia. Wolf began his career with the Phillies and was a fan favorite. A group known as the "wolf pack" formed, a bunch of guys, who were related, began donning wolf masks every time Randy would pitch. Wolf became friends with the members of the family of wolves, and even attended the funeral of one of the wolf pack a few years ago.

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: I'm not too satisfied with this
    Kim Ng is a great candidate and I hope she will get the job by being the first female and Asian general manager. She has a ton of experience in the baseball industry and I know she can handle everything when it comes to this sport. If she teams up with CEO Jeff Moorad, they will be life savers and make the fans and myself incredibly happy. Kim will prove to those hater who think she should not be the general manager just because she is a woman.

  • Can Boston afford AGon? :: Friar Forecast
    Personally, unless they want to offer us Lester and 2 mid level prospects I say pass.