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Petco Park makes an appearance on ABC's "Flash Forward"

Has anybody seen this new show Flash Forward? It's the show where everybody in the world faints for a two minutes and they see a vision six months in the future.  I've heard of it but never seen it.

Here's a clip that sums up the whole show and uses Petco Park as a stand in for a Detroit Ballpark.  Notice that the Western Metal Supply has been erased from existence!

You see that?  The one guy on the whole planet who is still walking around, immune to fainting spells seems to be behind this mysterious event is at Petco Park! 

As the title of the YouTube clip says, some people think the mystery man is Adam Lambert, the goth-emo looking American Idol runner up.  Personally I think it's the secret 12th member of the Padres ownership group. 

Or maybe we're both right!  Maybe Adam Lambert is the 12th member!  Admit it your mind is blown!