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Trick or Treating with the Friar and the Pad Squad

As Friar John told us, we the fans can bid on an opportunity to go Trick or Treating with the Friar and one Pad Squad member. The current bid right now is $250.

I wonder if you get to choose which Pad Squadder comes along and if you get to choose which costume they wear. I'll tell you some of those Pad Squadders are always giving me the stink eye and I wouldn't want them to ruin my chances of getting candy by stink eyeing the neighbors.

I think the Padres are missing a great opportunity here. You can either go with the Friar and a Pad Squadder who have no connection to Halloween or.... you can go trick or treating with FRANKEN FRIAR! It's a no brainer!

The Padres never even use Franken Friar anymore. Did anybody see him this year? If the Padres are going to be successful in this economic climate they must use the assets that they have!

If they aren't going to use the Franken Friar, I would like to officially request to use the costume for Halloween.

Here's more Franken Friar videos from years ago.