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Playoffs: Final Four

Well that was a surprisingly quick divisional series. I was only half paying attention so it seems quicker that way. All the losers were swept except the Rockies and they only won one game. That's crazy... boring. Actually how should I know I barely watched those games, maybe there were some exciting moments in those losses.

Alright who's going to win the NLCS? Let me think Dodgers vs. Phillies. I really don't want the Dodgers to win simply because I hate them, but then again I hate the Phillies too, but just not quite as much. I guess I have to root for the Phillies just because I don't want to see the Dodgers in the World Series. I hate that Jayson Werth though. I hate the playoffs when there is no clear cut team to root for.

Do I want to see a freeway series between the Angels and the Dodgers? That would really stick it to all those dumb East Coast fans, but then LA would just get even more stuck up. I'd kind of like to see the Yankees get into the World Series just to lose, but if they lose then they are either losing to a repeat winner in the Phillies or to the Dodgers!

What about Angels vs. Philies? That's just a lot of red uniforms on the field. I think I would find that really distracting. Are Angels fans annoying? Are they who I'm rooting for? I guess. I'm so confused. I wish the Padres were good, so I wouldn't have to think about all this.