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Around the Mission: 10/12 Padres Links

  • Death of a Gunslinger
    What I like is the fact that good no longer is viewed as good enough. Whether they hit their mark or not, the Padres are reaching for something bigger and better than what they’ve been. It’s hard to fault that intention — unless it turns out Moorad is clueless, in which case we’re all hosed.

  • Moorad clearly knows what he desires in GM pedigree -
    "If we did nothing this offseason, the payroll payment next year would be $32 million — if left alone, it would be $60 million in four years," Moorad says. "We'll see a natural increase in payroll over the next several years. "My goal is to grow payroll steadily upward — into the $70 million-plus range. We'll have a chance to compete sooner as our players on the roster continue to mature. Every last dollar, if not put into the facility, will be put into the major league payroll."

  • PADRES ANALYSIS: New GM will have much working in his favor
    Gonzalez may be as good as gone.

  • Red Sox, Yankees aides may be GM candidates -
    Hoyer is in his fourth season as the Red Sox assistant general manager. He is a 1996 graduate of Wesleyan University, where he played shortstop as well as pitched. After serving two seasons as an assistant coach at Wesleyan, Hoyer joined the Red Sox and was named assistant to Epstein in 2003.

  • PADRES: Club faces crucial decisions on roster
    "When you have good, young players at the top, in the major leagues, like we do, you can take some chances and lose some guys," Fuson said. "There are a lot of decisions to be made over the next few weeks, though."