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Padres clinch embarrassing sweep of Dodgers 5-0

That was a fun game. These last two nights at the park have had electric crowds.  San Diego was so psyched to stop the Dodgers from celebrating in our ballpark.

Tom Garfinkel gave Dex and I a couple tickets in that dugout section down by first base.  Man those are nice seats.  They had all this free food for us, but we weren't sure if it was free so at first we were kind of careful of what we were ordering and then when we realized we weren't being billed we got a little carried away.  Here's a question: How do you tip your server?  Is it 15% of your ticket price?  Is it 15% of the approximate price of what you ate?  Is there some other rule?  We went with the latter.

Those seats down there have those little fold out desks, I felt like I should have brought a scantron with me to take a test.  Dex busted out his computer and we hacked into the media's wifi, so we could live blog and tweet.  Oh the good times we had.

Did you dudes, see that Kevin Kouzmanoff home run?  That was like one of those light cycles from Tron. 

Man, Clayton Richard is so good.  He one hit them Dodgers for what 7 innings?  I'd like to see Peavy try and do that!

Let's see, what else happened?  We saw Steve Lyons, he was just standing around, probably all excited about covering the Dodgers clinching the NL West.  Not so fast Lyons!  Not on our watch!

After the game we waved to Steve Quis who was interviewing Kouz for the Channel 4 Postgame.  He came over and shook our hands and we talked about the good times we had hanging out back in the day.  We told him to pass along our "hellos" to Scan and Weisbarth and to wink at Jenny Cavnar.

While we were talking to him and people were exiting we suddenly notice that the Petco Park sound system is once again playing Bob Dylan's "Wigwam" (video) as the exit music.  I told Dex, "I think Garfinkel is teasing us".

Dex has some pictures on his phone.  I think they are mostly of the back of Steve Lyons' head though.

You know what was weird?  Right at the very end of the game with one out in the 9th, an Usher yelled at a Padres fan to sit down and stop cheering.  Not sure what was going on there.

As we were walking out one of the security guards gave us knuckles and said "Not in our town Dodgers!  This is our town!"  Word.

Thanks to Tom for the tickets.  Good times.