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Hoffman signs with the Brewers for $6m with $1.5 in incentives

End of an era: Hoffman signs deal with Brewers

Trevor Hoffman has agreed to terms with the Milwaukee Brewers on a one-year contract for $6 million with $1.5 million in performance bonuses, officially ending the all-time save leader's tenure with the Padres.



A few weeks ago it hit me.  I realized how much I was going to miss Trevor Hoffman, until then it didn't seem real, there was always an outside chance that some how the Padres and Hoffman would find some common ground. 

I was doing a google image search for a particular Hoffman picture and I noticed two things.  It's really hard to find a picture of Hoffman without a huge genuine grin on his face was the first thing.  The second, I couldn't believe how many photos of Hoffman with kids stricken with cancer. 

You always hear about baseball players being "great guys" off the field but at some point I stopped believing that because you later find out that they involved in steroids, crime, abuse or infidelity.  I don't want to put Hoffman up on a pedestal but the things he's done for the people of San Diego have restored my faith.  I believe he's not only a great athlete but a great person and Milwaukee is going to be fortunate to borrow him for a short time.  Only until his playing career ends and returns to San Diego and takes his place among the immortals.