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Brewers' Macha contacts Hoffman

So it is possible!  Look at that, all you have to do to contact Hoffman is... actually try. Amazing!

When Macha learned that general manager Doug Melvin was talking again with the agent for the all-time saves leader, he asked Melvin for permission to call Hoffman himself. Hoffman was vacationing with his family in Hawaii, but returned that call on Saturday.

"I gave him a compliment on his career, and his professionalism," Macha said Tuesday

Macha did something our entire Front Office couldn't do, but let's be honest they didn't want to contact him

Remember when Alderson said that the Padres would make an effort to contact Hoffman?  He was asked why somebody didn't just pick up the phone and call him, instead of "back channel efforts".

Alderson says that his point is well taken and "more direct efforts have been made and will be made."

Good times.

H/T SDpads1