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FriarFest won't be happening this year

I've been kinda bummed out about the Padres for awhile now. I don't think I'm alone in this, but at the end of December my mind jumped ahead to FriarFest and I got excited about Padres baseball again. FriarFest was always the nice precursor to Spring Training, where you got your first look at the new team with a fresh start.

Apparently the Padres just don't have the money to put an event like this on. Maybe they are also worried that nobody will show up with the roster they have now.

Hopefully they will still have the Winter Warm up appearances around the county this year, but I could see them canceling that as well.

[Note by jbox, 01/06/09 2:03 PM PST ]

I hope this guy got a refund of $0:


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