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Cla Meredith was married a month ago

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Cla Meredith was married to his bride Natalie on a beautiful Fall day in the Italian Gardens at Maymont Park in Richmond. The wedding took place on the 45th anniversary of the JFK assassination which was always Cla's dream. The engagement and wedding were announced last June.

Cla_meredith_married_medium Cla_meredith_married2_medium

What do you think is it the same girl from the classic Halloween Photos? I can't tell, but at first glance I don't think it's her because one has blonde hair and one has brown hair and that can't be faked. I do know this... Cla did well for himself. I also know that the hearts of the Girls of Gaslamp Ball are a breakin' today.

As is the custom, Gaslamp Ball will look through their wedding registry for the weirdest item... let's see here... everything is pretty normal. I'm going to say it's either the spice rack or the gift card.


Congratulations to the handsome couple!

Thanks to Gaslamp Baller Freelunch who overcame her jealousy to bring us this news.