PSA from PSA

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

            -Seneca, Roman Philosopher, mid-1st century AD and Closing Time by Semisonic

This time of year is very exciting for everyone who loves baseball. The start of spring training signals the countdown to a new Padres season at Petco. I have learned, as I have grown older, that new seasons are never like the previous ones that I have been able to experience.

A new Padres season also means changes to the Pad Squad. This year, many beloved Pad Squad members will be retiring their jerseys for exciting new opportunities. All of them will be missed. Their hard work, love for the game, and care for the Padres fans will be hard to replace. 

The process of finding new talent for the Pad Squad is in full swing. During the season, many fans ask about the Pad Squad selection process. The process begins with a new year which is marked by the many bright, passionate Pad Squad hopefuls who have sent in their résumé to the Padres Entertainment Department and are on their journey to the Big Dance.

Surprisingly to some, the Pad Squad selection process is nothing like American Idol. The expert Padres staff begins by holding group interviews with potential Pad Squad hopefuls. The staff looks for unique individuals who align with the Padres Mission to provide exceptional entertainment value to every guest at every Petco Park event while fostering organizational and community pride. 

From the group interviews, the Padres staff selects a few hopefuls who get the opportunity for an individual interview. The staff is looking for people who match the values of the Padres organization. These values include, but are not limited to: compassionate leadership, integrity, innovation, passion for the community and a winning attitude. The Padres staff also looks for individuals that will have the ability and confidence to connect with the great Padres fans.

Finally, the Padres staff looks at the chemistry of the Squad as a team. Using what they have gathered from the selection process, the staff discusses the role each individual candidate would have on the Squad.

Once the new members are selected, returning member of the Squad work with the Padres staff to get them orientated and ready for the season. And yes this includes, extensive slingshot conditioning and t-shirt cannon launching certification.

We are gearing up for a great season at Petco Park and can’t wait to see the fans we have missed over the winter months.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball staff or SB Nation.