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San Diego Sports Coverage

As Gaslamp Baller Grey Suit points out XX Sports Radio is really serious about letting two call in radio listeners have the afternoon drive home spot. These are the two guys that I couldn't force myself to listen to for more than 30 seconds at a time. I'd keep switching around the stations and end up back on 1090 where I would instantly have to change the station again. I'm not a big Sports Radio fan but I listen occasionaly and if there is one thing that I know, it is that these two shouldn't even be allowed to call into a radio show let alone host their own. I have never heard worse talk radio. Jordan and Earl are absolutely terrible. Let's hope they improve or are fired quickly.

Jordan and Earl have worked a few shows on 1090. Apparently, Brown isn't getting the same response I am. A two-word summation of the numerous calls and e-mails I received after a few trial shows is: "They suck!"

They might be nice people. But they shouldn't be on the radio. They scream. They yell. They butcher the English language.

Jordan is a New Yorker who is in the restaurant business. The 1090 press release says "he has been an avid listener of XX." He's also ill-informed and obnoxious.

Also it appears that Mark Neely isn't the lock for Matt Vasgersian's spot on the Channel 4 Padres Broadcast. This article seems to lean towards a buddy of Alderson's who the Padres prefer as a replacement.

The search to replace Matt Vasgersian as TV voice of the Padres on Channel 4 appears to be down to two: Roxy Bernstein and Mark Neely.

Bernstein has an extensive background as a minor-league radio guy and has worked radio in the big leagues for the Giants, Expos and Marlins. A graduate of California, he has been the voice of Golden Bears men's basketball on radio since 1997.

He has deep ties to Padres CEO Sandy Alderson and is said to be the club's choice to replace Vasgersian.