Wow what is 1090 thinking?

From the NC times:


It's official: The folks who run XX Sports Radio 1090 have lost their minds.

Starting Monday, Jordan Smith (aka Jordan from Downtown) and Irwin Earl Milan (aka ATL Earl) will be the station's new drive-time duo from 3-7 p.m.

Hal Brown ---- aka The Hammer ---- is now the vice president of programming at 1090. He made the announcement on Jordan and Earl in a press release.

Neither Brown nor station CEO John Lynch returned phone calls seeking comment.

"The listener response to Jordan and Earl has been unprecedented," Brown said in the release. "They bring a fans' perspective and energy that this station welcomes and requires."

Jordan and Earl have worked a few shows on 1090. Apparently, Brown isn't getting the same response I am. A two-word summation of the numerous calls and e-mails I received after a few trial shows is: "They suck!"

They might be nice people. But they shouldn't be on the radio. They scream. They yell. They butcher the English language.

Jordan is a New Yorker who is in the restaurant business. The 1090 press release says "he has been an avid listener of XX." He's also ill-informed and obnoxious.

ATL Earl served in the Marines as a drill instructor at both Paris Island and MCRD in San Diego. For that, I salute him. He apparently works a mean BBQ and could break me in two with a nod. But he's not a radio talk-show host.

"When we first started sports radio in San Diego, our vision was to hire hosts from everyday walks of life," Lynch said in the release. "We hired Chet Forte, Coach John Kentera and even Jim Rome; none had on-air broadcast experience. Mike and the Mad Dog in New York, Mike North in Chicago and JT the Brick all have become national figures in the sports-radio business; each were fans, not broadcasters. The sports-radio business has not added bright new personalities in years. Their hiring will bring a new sense of energy and fun to XX.

"I think they will hit a home run."

So the new 1090 line up will be:

  • 5am-9am Scott and BR
  • 9am-noon Rome
  • noon-3PM Darren Smith
  • 3PM-7PM Jordan and Earl
  • 7PM-Mid night Coach Kentera

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for 1360.

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