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Peavy dealings are being kept from the public

XX Sports Radio: Interview with Peavy's Agent (MP3):

  • The Cubs ownership change doesn't mean the Peavy deal will be done.
  • Axelrod and Towers agreed to keep the process less public and the team would not update Peavy daily on the progress.
  • Axelrod is not aware of any talks between the Cubs and Padres.
  • Peavy didn't feel comfortable talking to the press after he heard the Padres were shopping him because his emotions of disappointment and anger would be triggered by questions. Peavy will talk again once there is a resolution.
  • There is no deadline for the trade from Peavy's stand point. Jake is preparing himself to be in Peoria, unless someone tells him to be somewhere else. Jake hasn't ruled out being traded during the season, he'll evaluate each deal as it happens.
  • Moorad's potential ownership will not affect the Peavy deal. Moorad didn't want to get involved in the Hoffman deal.