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Odds and Ends

On Keeping Score
I've been thinking that I'd like to take up keeping score when I watch baseball games again, but I want to try to make it work now that I have a young son that's not quite ready to sit still for baseball games when there's a perfectly good park, ripe for the exploring.

On Wandering Aimlessly
I've also fallen into the habit of wandering around the ballpark during games to get food, see the sights and hope that somebody recognizes me so that I can be charmingly aloof or at the very least, it might be somebody who knows of the blog and has a poor opinion of it, leaving it open for me to say something like, "well that's just... your opinion, man."

On Twitter
In other news, today is #followfriday on Twitter. Are you a Twitterer? Did you know that Gaslamp Ball is on Twitter? Some of our funniest shiz is up there. Follow us: Very likely, we will follow you right back.

On Green Promotions
I bought a tumbler from Starbucks today. Sitting on my desk is a coffee tumbler and a Klean Kanteen. The Padres should get branded items like this and then offer discounts on beverages at the ballpark if you bring one of these things in. I don't want a plastic souvenir looking thing. I want a singlewalled, stainless steel bottle with the Padres logo on it and a BPA free plastic tumbler with the Padres logo. I want both of them to get me a full dollar off of beverages at the ballpark and I'd be willing to pay upwards of $25 for the water bottle and $15 for the tumbler. This is doable, right?