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Gaslamp Ball Think Tank

Ok here's an idea I came up when talking to Dex this afternoon.  You've got fans that come to games for give aways and you have fans that come to games to sit down, watch the game and shut up.  So here's my idea to give these two types of fans a common goal.

The idea has to do with scoring the game.  You need to figure out a way to score the game using a scantron or other means of electronic grading.

Then you award points or prizes based on how accurately the fan scored the game.  So this gets fans to follow the game more closely hopefully keeping their interest while increasing their knowledge of the game. Friends can compete, "What happened that last at bat? "  "Don't be cheating off me dude!"

Maybe just maybe this would keep the fan focus on the field while allowing fans to keep their eye on the prize too.