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Alderson: 95% chance Peavy starts the season with the Padres

XX Sports Radio:  Sandy Alderson (MP3)

  • Alderson can say with 95% finality that Peavy will start the season with the Padres.  By the end of next week he'll be able to say for certain.  He doesn't want to make a guarantee because something crazy might happen.  The decision will definitely be made by February 1.
  • Alderson says it is possible that player prices may drop and the Padres may decide to pick them up.  "We're pretty close to being where we are going to be".  The Padres need to remain flexible.
  • There is no hard payroll number.  "We don't have to be at $40 million."  The only way to significantly affect the payroll would be to trade Peavy or Giles.  Alderson sees both of those players starting the season with them.  If the Padres play well the payroll issue becomes moot.
  • Alderson thinks the starting staff will be a tough call after the first three of Peavy, Young and Baek.  The Padres will look at Correia and Geer who will be competing for the 4 and 5 spot.
  • Alderson isn't sure the Padres would be interested in Randy Wolf even if his salary was half of what it was last year.
  • The Padres are not the only team that is seeing Season Ticket sales being reduced.  Alderson blames the economy.
  • It's important that players that are borderline healthy consider not playing in the WBC to get team training.  Alderson thought Adrian Gonzalez playing for Mexico in the WBC would cost him the starting First Base job because he was away from the team for so long.  Some guys would benefit from time in Major League camp rather than particpating in the WBC.