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Ausmus could be a Pad -- nevermind he's a Dodger

Ausmus could fit in Padres' plans

Towers indicated that a catcher could be signed by the end of this week. All indications are that veteran Brad Ausmus -- who makes his home in nearby Del Mar, Calif. -- is the Padres' primary target.

Man Ausmus hasn't been with the Padres since 1993. I remember back in 1995 I was playing some baseball game on the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast or something and Dustin Hermanson was pitching and Brad Ausmus was catching and even then it seemed like a long time since Ausmus had played for the Padres.

Well here we are, 16 years later and the Padres are in need of a veteran pretty boy catcher, so the only answer is Ausmus.

[Note by jbox, 01/21/09 3:18 PM PST ]

As noted in the comments.

Ausmus signed by the Dodgers

Well that was quick.