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Heath Bell avoids putting on a coat and tie

Bell, Padres avoid arbitration by agreeing on $1.255 million deal

“I don't want to go to arbitration because I hear you have to dress up, and I hate dressing up,” Bell said before the deal got done. “I don't want to wear a coat and tie. My agent wears a coat and tie, and I told him, 'I don't know how you do it. I'd hate to have to wear a coat and tie.'"

Good ol' Heath Bell.  I like the way he thinks, but a part of me thinks that he cleans up nicely and would look good in a dinner jacket and a shave.

In any case it's a good thing for all those involved that the Padres didn't have to go to arbitration with any players this season.  The whole process kinda sucks for the player, especially if they lose, because you're saying your worth a certain amount of money and the team is laying out all this evidence why you aren't worth jack sh*t.  Then imagine the panel agrees that you are worthless.  You can't help but having some animosity towards the team that thinks you are worthless.

Paul DePodesta says it a little bit more eloquently:

Among other things, these hearings can: cost time, cost money, create animosity, and take both the Player and the Club away from Spring Training.

The Padres are thinking "hey we created animosity between our star players and our fans, and we did it quick and free!  Who needs arbitration?"