Padres 2009 Potential Milestones

Brian Giles


If he has a slight uptick in power he could get to 300 HRs this year (needs 15) and a healthy season should get him to 2000 hits (needs 146). On the franchise lists he’ll probably get into the top 10 in games played (currently 772, Nevin is 10th at 806. 107 games would push him ahead of Trevor for 6th all time). He is definitely going to pass some people in At Bats (177 and he passes Colbert for 5th, 511 gets him 4th). Obviously, PAs are similar (51 to pass Colbert for 5th, 371 to pass Gene Richards for 4th). He was climbing up the runs list last year, but he’s got on one he can pass this year (33 gets him to 3rd past Gene Richards. He’s still 147 away from Winfield). He’s got Phil Nevin to pass in Hits (14 to get to 5th. 166 gets him to 4th past Gene Richards again. He got more than that last year, but I don’t know if a repeat performance is likely). He’s got a lot of people he could pass in TB. He’s 8th and is likely to get as high as 4th (176 to pass Nevin), but could get to 3rd (233 to pass Templeton). He should pass Templeton for 2nd on the doubles list (17). A couple (2) of Triples gets him past Flannery for 7th (6th is Finley, but he’s 4 away from a tie. Unlikely). Back to HRs, there’s a long shot chance (14) that he makes it past the McGriff/Greene tie for 9th (16 if he wants to pass Santiago for 8th). He’s definitely going to pass Caminiti for 8th in RBI (5), and he should make it past Kennedy (33) and Templeton (36) for 6th. He should pass Kennedy for singles (with 31) for 5th. There’s also going to be some movement in some lesser categories (Outs, Times on Base, GIDP), but I won’t do the math on those.

Adrian Gonzalez


For Adrian we’ll have to wait until late in the season to see if he gets 32 HRs to pass Caminiti for 6th and a big year of 44 would get him past McGriff for 5th. It’s 46 to pass Gwynn for 4th, but let’s not get too crazy. He should crack the doubles list (15 past Colbert for 10th, 19 past Finley for 9th, 35 to get past Greene for 8th, 43 to surge past Kennedy/Nevin for 6th). Santiago’s 10th spot in RBI is in striking distance (75) and so is Caminiti 8th spot (97 for what will probably be 9th once Giles gets 5 RBI). Happily, he will knock Tony Gwynn out of the top 10 in strikeouts (40) and probably pass Greene for 6th (127). If he increases his OBP or Avg by .001 he’ll move out of ties in both spots (9th and 5th respectively).

Other Hitters

I checked a little on Kouz just to be sure and every other hitter is at most only in their 2nd year with the Padres.

Jake Peavy


Jake will need 14 wins to reach 100 for his career. Jake is currently 15 wins shy of being the all time win leader (Show) and needs 7 for 2nd (Jones). 93 2/3 IP moves him up a spot past Show for 3rd in that category. Every K increases his franchise record. For Games Started 10 starts pushes him past Whitson for 3rd and a not-quite-career-high 32 gets him past Show for 2nd. He’ll likely move up the HR Allowed list, but who cares? Same goes for BB, Hits allowed, ER, HBP, and Losses.

Heath Bell

Heath Bell could get to 10th on the games pitched list passing Lance McCullers if he gets 75 (76 gets him past the 8th place tie of Gary Lucas and Mark Davis). That would be pretty likely in his past role, but if he pitches fewer games as a Trevor Hoffman role then he won’t make it. Especially, if the team loses over 90 games again.

Chris Young


Chris Young needs 45 1/3 IP to start qualifying on for the Padres’ rate stat categories with 500 IP. If he can keep his Padres ERA close to the same as it’s been he’d be 9th on that list (somewhere between a 3.40 and 3.50 ERA). He’d also probably be in the top 3 in Winning Percentage. Right now he’d be 2nd behind Bruce Hurst (and just ahead of Jake) with .586 if he qualified.


For some reason I like following this stuff. I'll probably post updates in some Open Game Threads during the season since this stuff excites me so. For those that don't know, you can find the San Diego Batting Leaderboard here and the Pitching Leaderboard here.


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