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Padres nearly done aquiring players

Jenny Cavnar on the Channel 4 Blog reports that the Padres are done acquiring players once they get a back up catcher and possibly one more cheap pitcher.  The Pads are no longer interested in Omar Vizquel, thank goodness.

With the money spent on Eckstein, General Manager Kevin Towers has nixed the possibility that veteran Omar Vizquel will join the team. He told me today that the Padres will use "an in-house candidate at shortstop, probably Luis Rodriguez or Chris Burke."

I'm still a fan of Luis Rodriguez some I'm glad they'll give him a chance to start the season at shortstop.  If you don't like the projected lineup, the good news is that if it is like prior seasons it will only be intact for a matter of weeks.

Here is Channel 4's projected starting lineup for Opening Day April 6, 2009:

1. Jody Gerut 8
2. David Eckstein 4
3. Brian Giles 9
4. Adrian Gonzalez 3
5. Kevin Kouzmanoff 5
6. Chase Headley 7
7. Luis Rodriguez 6
8. Nick Hundley 8
9. Jake Peavy 1