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Towers: Kouzmanoff's shoulder behind schedule; no setbacks for Prior

XX Sports Radio:  Kevin Towers (MP3)

  • Heath Bell doesn't lack confidence.  The question is about how he'll respond after he blows a save.  That's what was so great about Hoffman he could put it behind him so easily.
  • "I'd like to think that the fans will embrace him [Heath Bell]"
  • If Hoffman had accepted the $4m offer they wouldn't have been able to exercise the option on Brian Giles.
  • Towers says he wouldn't be sitting in the GM chair without Hoffman.  They have a great personal relationship.
  • The last time Towers talked to Hoffman was a couple months ago.  They did exchange text messages after Dave Smith passed away though.
  • We should know more about the sale of the Padres to Moorad at the start of Spring Training.
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff's shoulder is bothering him.  Kouz will probably be brought back in for a shot next week.   "He's probably the one guy that's behind schedule and we have concerns about".
  • The reason why Giles was brought back was because he's an asset to the club.  There's a $3m buyout on his contract and they didn't want him to walk for that amount.  Clubs are going to be interested in him this season and they might be able to get some prospects out of him and the Pads will only end up paying $3-4 million.
  • Will Prior play this season?  "Watching him throw the last couple months, he's probably as good as I've seen him since we've had him here".  There haven't been any rehab setbacks.  The Padres are hoping to give him some Spring Training starts.