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Alderson talks about Peavy, Prior, Hoffman and the WBC

XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Alderson, John Moores and Dick Freeman are at the owners meeting in Arizona.  Alderson discussed international baseball.
  • Alderson has been watching the MLB channel, thinks it's great.
  • Alderson isn't sure that Salary Caps work that well.  "We [MLB] seem to have gotten there [competitive playing field] without a cap."
  • "I'm a big supporter of the World Baseball Classic, but that does not mean that I would support the interests of the World Baseball Classic over the interests of the Padres, let me make that clear"
  • Alderson indirectly answers a question about the Padres objecting to Peavy pitching in the WBC.  He says if an MLB team thinks there is a legitimate health issue with a player in the WBC they can object.  The issue would be reviewed by a 5 person panel (2 representing baseball, 2 representing the union and one doctor.)
  • When talking about the chances of Peavy being traded.  "There is nothing going on in that regard"
  • On Mark Prior:  "There's essentially nothing at risk, last year we guaranteed him a million dollars.  This year we're not really guaranteeing him anything.  That's a major difference.  If we hit we hit, it could be a big plus."
  • Would Alderson do anything different with the Hoffman situation?  "Certainly there is probably room for improvement for how we handled that situation, but on the other hand this may be best for him."