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Fudging radar gun speeds by the home team is weak

I was just reading this article about Trevor Hoffman getting a physical with the Brewers. He said he felt his velocity was up last year after he had bone spurs removed from his elbow. The radar gun apparently showed a slight improvement but then Trevor says this:

"I know the numbers sometimes maybe were fudged at home," Hoffman, 41, said of his mph readings at Petco, "but from what I saw on the road (radar) guns, they were a little better."

I forgot how much this irks me so I'll rant. We know the home team increases the radar gun for the home team and it's been done for years, but it's really a shame. Are the radar gun speeds supposed to psych out the opposing hitters? Why not just increase the batting averages of the home team on the scoreboard too, give the pitchers a scare? Boy that was a very half hearted rant.

I guess you could say that everybody knows the numbers are faked so you should never take them that seriously, but I'd prefer just to see the correct speed and keep the game honest.