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The Padres just signed Mark Prior!

Paul DePodesta's blog:

Mark has been working out all winter here in Petco, and we're encouraged by his progress. If we can get him back and healthy for us in 2009 we believe he could make a significant difference.

The Padres also picked up Chris Burke and Virgil Vasquez. Here's the official release.

Prior will probably be playing catch for most of the season, they should charge fans to play catch with him, to pay his salary.

Do I like this? I don't hate it. I was watching some TV show or something that said "The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference". I guess I'm a little bit indifferent about this move. Though maybe that will change. I believe in giving guys second, third and fourth chances. I'm putting all my faith in Prior this year. Get your hopes up boys and girls, what could go wrong?

[Note by jbox, 01/14/09 10:01 AM PST ]

Prior will earn $1 million if he pitches at the Major League level this season. Burke, who figures to contend for the starting job at second base, will earn $650,000.