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Sports Business Analyst Hat: Alderson gone by 2011

TJB posted this in fanshots and I agree with "Major League Executives"


Major league executives expect CEO Sandy Alderson to leave the Padres at some point this year if Jeff Moorad takes over the front office.

Moorad has said he well regards Alderson, but major league executives doubt Alderson will stay beyond 2009 if Moorad comes aboard because the two are used to doing similar jobs.

Why would a CEO put together a ownership group to buy a company and have another CEO there? At the very least Sandy would take on another job, but I'm not sure what that would be.

Here: I'm a Sports Business Analyst. No joke. Here's my analysis:

There are too many people in charge in the Padres front office. If and when Moorad arrives, there will be at least one more person in charge. A business does not operate well that way. Empowering employees is one thing. Having 10 8 different bosses is Office Space.