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Peavy deal arise! Cubs make moves that could make deal possible

Cubs make some intriguing moves that could resurrect Peavy talks

“The Cubs' most recent trades have no bearing or connections with us and the Cubs in a potential Peavy deal,” Towers said, declining to elaborate.

Ah the denial, we know you well.  This is how it all starts.

The Cubs made some moves to free up payroll that held up the deal in the past.

The Cubs created about $8.3 million in payroll relief for 2009 by trading infielder Mark DeRosa to the Cleveland Indians and replacing him with Aaron Miles, and by dealing No. 5 starting pitcher Jason Marquis to the Colorado Rockies for reliever Luis Vizcaino.

PADRES: Peavy trade to Cubs showing signs of life

That likely gives the Cubs the financial flexibility for 2009 to bring Peavy on board. However, the team doesn't have nearly as much flexibility in the 2010 and 2011 seasons as general manager Jim Hendry still has to account for significant raises to several players on the roster.