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Mighty XX: Kevin Towers Interview

Kevin Towers Interview (MP3)

  • Silver lining for Chris Young having a near perfect game after a tough season.  Interesting how KT pronounces "Pujols".
  • CY only had one three ball count the entire game.  He also gave rest to the bullpen... all 25 guys in the bullpen.
  • Dodgers look pretty tough to beat.  Manny Ramirez is a difference maker.
  • Venable has impressed Towers with his last at bat on Saturday.  He's played good defense and runs the bases well.  Hundley is coming into his own.  Josh Geer in his two starts has battled and pitched well.
  • Headley should be able to hit 20 or more home runs.  Power from both sides of the plate and a smart hitter.
  • KT didn't watch the Chargers game.