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John Moores won't make any decisions about Padres payroll until end of season


I was excited to see that the reclusive John Moores was at the Padres / Brewers game on Sunday.  I kind of expected to see him unkempt and looking more like Howard Hughes with long hair and finger nails surrounded by jars full of his own urine.  Seeing him clean, happy, surrounded by lady friends and cheering for Chris Young's near perfect game was a welcome sight. 

The best part was that Channel 4 broadcast showed him putting his wallet back into his pocket.  How appropriate.

Sign On San Diego:

John Moores, the team's principal owner, said a determination on that front won't be made until he returns from the World Series. The Padres began the season with about a $74 million player payroll.

Chances are, it won't be as high in 2009.

"It all depends on what we determine," said Moores, who wasn't at the game on Monday night but was reached via phone in Houston. "It depends on what we perceive over the next few years to be coming down the pike. Obviously, this year was a shock, certainly to me. We came within one out of the postseason last year, so I don't know how it could have been any more shocking."

When asked if he wanted Hoffman to return he said that he did but that he'd stay out of it.

"I suspect that at some price you'd love to him back, but at another price you wouldn't have him back under any circumstances. I'm going to try to stay out of it. This will be a team decision. The baseball guys are going to have to figure that out."