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Open Thread, 9/9: Padres vs Dodgers

One time, we went to a Dodgers vs Padres game and we watched this Padres fan fighting a Dodger fan in the parking lot. I thought about how when my brother and I were younger, we would fight and really try to beat each other up. The weird thing is, me and my brother are close and wouldn't really want to hurt each other, so maybe this Padres fan and the Dodger fan that he was fighting were actually best pals.

Next time you think you want to beat up a Dodger fan, maybe think to yourself that it's not because you hate Dodger fans, but because you love them. Like a brother.



Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres

09/09/08 7:05 PM PDT

Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres
Russell Martin - C Brian Giles - RF
Andre Ethier - RF Luis Rodriguez - SS
Manny Ramirez - LF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Nomar Garciaparra - 1B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Casey Blake - 3B Chase Headley - LF
Andruw Jones - CF Will Venable - CF
Blake DeWitt - 2B Edgar Gonzalez - 2B
Angel Berroa - SS Nick Hundley - C
Hiroki Kuroda - P Wade LeBlanc - P