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Catching up with recent moves

Now that the Chargers' Super Bowl hopes have been dashed, I guess we can talk about the Padres who were officially eliminated from the Playoffs last night.  Unofficially the Padres were eliminated in the middle of May.  That's about the time that everyone rolled over and played dead.

I've been having a tough time keeping up with the number of roster moves that have happened in the last week.  Not because there was that many, but mostly because these are guys I've never heard of before and also because I have trouble caring.  Okay, I care a little bit, but I like to pretend I don't in hopes that they'll try to impress me.

  • Luke Carlin was recalled and Chip Ambres was brought up from Portland.  Luke has been up and down three times this season.  I think we all remember him, he's pretty good behind the dish and pretty bad standing next to it with a bat.  Chip Ambres was up July 8th and DFA'd on July 29th.  I swear I don't remember him at all.  It says here that he went 2-17 with the Padres.
  • Chad Reineke is done for the season.  He's got a stress reaction in his right shoulder blade.  We got Reineke from Houston in the Randy Wolf deal, if you've forgotten.  He made 4 appearances in August with a record of (2-1).  Don't remember ever seeing him.
  • Outfielder Macias and RHP Ekstrom were called up. Macias was up for a short time at the end of last season and for Ekstrom it's his first time in the majors.  Neither of them will be lonely because there are 10 of their teammates from Double A San Antonio in the clubhouse.  Never heard of them.
  • Meredith is back in the bigs after a short stint in Portland.  Meredith kept his pride but took a good look at himself after his demotion.  No idea who he is.