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OMG! Pat Green is playing after the Padres game! Who the hell is Pat Green?

I keep seeing the advertisement on the front of where they are promoting Country Night at the ballpark featuring a concert by Pat Green.

Howdy Padres Fans! Put on your cowboy hat and boots and come out to Country Night at PETCO Park. Stay after the game and enjoy a Park at the Park concert featuring Pat Green presented by Bud Light and brought to you by KSON. You may even see a Padres player on stage. See ya'll there!

I just did a google search to see who the hell Pat Green is.  Get this, he's the guy who sings "Wave on Wave", that's the song that Linebrink covered for the baseball album Oh Say Can You Sing.  I really like that song.  I wish Linebrink was still a Padre so they could do a duet.  Pat Green featuring Scott Linebrink and a computer correcting his singing pitch.  That would have been a good nickname for Linebrink "The pitchshifter". That'd be awesome.

Which Padres do you think are going to go up on stage?  Just Peavy?  I'll bet you Kouzmanoff line dances. 

Here's some live video of Pat Green singing Wave on Wave with a bit of U2 mixed in.