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Giving Buddy a fair shake

You can tell a lot about someone by their handshake.  Let's take a closer look at one Harry Ralston Black Jr. or as his friends call him "Buddy".



Look how proud Buddy is in this picture.  Examine his body language if you will.  Good eye contact, lips tight, unable to hide the smile that will soon burst forth.  He extends his right hand to greet rookie Venable.  Hand open, fingers slightly spaced but rigid, palm completely exposed and facing toward the heavens on a slight tilt. Left hand hanging loose from a tight shoulder, slightly off his hip, legs spread to his shoulder's width. Pants tight on his upper thighs causing a bunching around his pelvic region.

You might have expected Buddy to present his palm vertically but he did one better.

Better Tilt your hand slightly so that your palm is pointing to the sky. This subtle body language message is humility and that you are there to help and to serve.

Bud Black is a class act, a teacher and a mentor.  Every time Dex and I meet Kev's dad, he'll display his hand vertically though slightly cupped.  Then as soon as contact is made he'll roll our hand over with his, dominating us.  It is all done very naturally and without any other body language or message.  We've even told each other before our eventual meeting with him that we would not allow our hands to be turned.  Though it always happens.  His handshake simply tells us that we are his b*tches.

What's all this mean?  Not really sure, except that if Kev's dad was a manager we'd probably have a winning record.