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Padres want to sign Hoffman for at least next season

GM Towers eyes head start on Hoffman contract negotiations

“To me, he's still an effective closer,” Towers said. “I want to give him an idea of what I think the club's going to be like next year, give him an idea of what to expect and what the club will look like.

“I want to make sure he wants to go beyond this year.”

Said Hoffman: “Awesome.”

Does Hoffman want to continue pitching past this month?

“Yeah, I want to keep pitching,” he said. “I've still got two or three more years in me. I want to be around when they win – and I don't want it to be a 'they.' ”

I don't blame Hoffman, I've always thought that athletes should compete until they have nothing left in the tank either mentally or physically. It's the GM who has to decide whether they want to keep the player around and what's best for the team. Hoffman just has to decide if he wants to protect his legacy or if he wants to play. It seems obvious now that he just wants to play

I for one don't believe that Hoffman is a shoe-in first ballot Hall of Famer like many suggest. It certainly works against Hoffman that he hasn't always succeeded on the National stage, baseball writers frown upon closers who work one inning and the fact that Trevor plays for the Padres on the West Coast.

I don't think Trevor is getting any better and he seems to be getting worse as most players do. He still has value for the team and if the Padres can work out a fair deal with him then I'm more than happy to have him around. Today Heath Bell would be Trevor's replacement but Trevor's heir apparents have come and gone (Aki, Linebrink, Cla, etc.) but no one has matched his consistency. Trevor still gets the job done most of the time, but he just makes it really scary.

If Trevor's not worried about his legacy then neither am I.