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Mighty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview

MIghty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview (MP3)

  • Renewed emphasis on developing players through the farm system.
  • Sandy has only seen LeBlanc in Spring Training when he sucked.  LeBlanc and Antonelli are similar in that they both have very little experience with less than two years in the minor leagues.
  • The number of players playing from the 2005 and 2006 drafts is a sign of progress for the farm system.
  • [Minor League talk]
  • Three general areas for judging a Manager:  Preparation. Game handling between the lines. Leadership qualities.
  • LaRussa is awesome.
  • Hoffman and the Padres are not like Favre and the Packers, it hasn't reached that point yet.
  • There will be discussions with Trevor before the end of the season.
  • Sandy says Hoffman has been "Mr. Padre for so long".  Actually that's Tony Gwynn, it says so on the statue.
  • Sandy not sure of the deadline for Giles option.
  • Giles and Hoffman have a veteran presence in the clubhouse.
  • Giles isn't the hitter he was 5 or 6 years ago, but he's still a valuable part of the line up.
  • Giles is the "truest professional hitter" on the team today.
  • The Padres will not panic, they've avoided that this season, even though some people wish they had.  Who's he taking a shot at?
  • Highest payroll in the history of the Padres this year.  None of those additions had a positive impact.  There is no one sure fire way to do this.
  • People can take comfort in the Padres further commitment to the farm system.
  • Everything is set for the WBC.  Petco will host the second round.  Dodgers will host the finals.  We'll have to see if the Padres are selected. Sandy guesses that Peavy will not participate this time because of his bad experience last time.