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XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview

XX Sports Radio:  Kevin Towers (MP3)

  • Kevin Towers is happy the season is over
  • Need to get back to the 4 seasons prior to this year
  • The Padres certainly know where the gaping holes are (that's what she said)
  • Peavy, Young and Baek are in the rotation for next year
  • Bullpen and bench take precedence over 2nd base
  • Kevin Towers blames himself for not giving Buddy enough "bullets" off the bench and the bullpen wasn't deep enough
  • The buck still stops at Kevin Towers.  Sandy Alderson says the General Manager has the final say on player moves.  KT welcomes information from other sources such as Alderson and the Scouts.
  • "I chock this up as a bad season for ol' KT too"
  • KT still sees the commitment with Buddy Black as a long term one, even though his contract expires after next year.
  • We all have to believe and we all have to be on the same page so there are no mixed messages when players reach the big league level.
  • No player is untouchable on this Padres roster right now.
  • Teams have already contacted the Padres about our valuable players.
  • The Padres will be more active on the trade front, rather than the free market front
  • KT is not talking about the players that other clubs are interested in.
  • Giles is the one real professional hitter they have on the roster.  They are leaning towards exercising Giles' option.
  • They'd like to sign Trevor before he becomes a free agent.
  • The only reasons why they wouldn't sign Giles is if it was a budget issue or if they had someone else that would play the outfield.  He doesn't see Venable as that type of player yet.
  • 2009 is certainly not a rebuilding year.  KT doesn't believe in rebuilding.  They are going to let young players play.  He is hoping that the young players step up.  He doesn't see the Padres acquiring big names.
  • Minor League talk
  • Nobody has given KT the budget number.  He expects to get it in the next few weeks.  It will below this years low 70's.
  • The Padres are in a much better situation than they were after the 2003 98 loss team.
  • The hitting coach and batting coach will come with a knowledge of the Padres system with a lot of experience.