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Padres let Bud Black keep his job (or There's a witch in our midst)

There's some sort of witchcraft going on. As terrible as this team was, the Padres managed to place the blame on Craig Colbert, the one guy who appeared emotionally involved this season. What?


Black has guided the Padres to a 152-173 record during his two seasons as manager, including a 63-99 mark this season. The 99 losses were the most since 1993, when the Padres had 101.

1993... Why else does that sound familiar? OMGWTF. That was the Fire Sale Year! That was the year we got rid of everybody. When the manager is overseeing a team that brings to mind one of the worst years in franchise history, then that should be like an automatic dismissal, right?

I didn't say anything yesterday, probably out of disbelief. But it really does look like he's going to keep his job. More power to him. Here's hoping he turns it around next year somehow.