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The Padres and Channel 4 kinda get the blogging thing, kinda don't

Looks like the Lexus Postgame Show is getting a blog. Nothing on there juuuust yet, but John Weisbarth, Jenny Cavnar and Jose Carreon will be your bloggers along with somebody named abbie/ep and a generic Channel 4 account.

The blog was set up in August, but looks like it might be more of a proof of concept at this point. I'm not sure exactly what the blog will be about, though the prominent sponsor logo suggests that it'll probably be somewhat official. I see no Scanlan on there and he's the one I want to read. Scan tells it like it is, yo.

In closely related news, I don't understand this:

I thought I'd let this one be a surprise for everyone either watching the game last night or reading the box score this morning. By now you probably know that we've purchased the contracts of both Matt Antonelli and Wade LeBlanc.

I get the move. The move is great. I'm wondering why DePodesta wouldn't have leaked this info just before the game. Or maybe during the game. Why frame it like it's some delightful surprise to the thousands of people who watch the game as opposed to a truly delightful surprise for the couple dozen people who would've seen the news on his site first? This would've been a fantastic opportunity to make the IMBDYGF blog a really must see destination. Of the people who visit Paul's blog regularly, wouldn't this have been a nice treat and a way to get more visibility for the blog?

Paul's a pretty savvy guy and I'm wondering if he wanted to announce the move on the blog beforehand, but was somehow prevented from doing so. Now I know why it's so difficult to get a scoop from the front office. They don't even give scoops to themselves. How're they gonna give one to us?